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Why is my free subscription only for 24 hours?



  • Amad shaikh
    I've searched the whole website but could not find the link to subscribe the purchsed copy can anyone send the direct link
  • Alastair Smith

    Hi Amad,

    To register your book for a free test you first of all need to create an account. If you use the link above then you will be taken to our test platform - if you need help with creating an account then you can find that here -

    Once you've created an account select a test and it will take you to the book registration page. If you're still having trouble after that you can send a suport request to us here - - and someone will get back to you.

  • bogdan paul



    I bought the 2013 edition Life in Uk test study guide and I cannot access the online test for free, i register my book last week and it worked but today it doesn't want, I introduced at least 20 words. Not happy because that is why I bought the book for free tests. Thank you

  • Alastair Smith

    Hi Paul,

    Sorry to hear that you're having trouble with the book registration process. I have just tested a code from the 2013 edition and found that it worked so can I check first of all that you are entering the right code word based on either the Handbook series or our other titles? If you are using our 2013 Study Guide you should be entering code words based on the practice tests, for example.

    If you're finding that particular challenge words aren't working can you let us know by raising a support ticket? You can do that from the menu above or by visiting It would be really helpful if you could tell us exactly which number test(s), question(s) and word(s) don't work as that will help us fix any problems.


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